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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speak to the Hand

They're six and nine. Piper and Jaime are acting so grown up in these shots I feel like they should be applying for their learner's permits!

Christmas Trip to Richmond

Piper, Bruce and I drove up to Richmond for a trip to the Carytown neighborhood. We went to a few very interesting stores. One store sold only spices. The next sold only beads. Our final stop was 10,000 Villages, which sells fair-trade goods from all over the world.

Radio Flyer

Back before Christmas, Bruce and I took a drive up to Richmond, VA via a back road. I love old-timey back roads. On the way, we stopped at a huge antique mall and picked up this fun miniature Radio Flyer wagon. I used it on the porch with old-fashioned toys for Christmas. Now it holds my potholders and kitchen towels.