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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thrift Love - Goodwill Again - Before and After

I've been looking to switch out the unit that I keep my television in.  It is the last contemporary item in my home, purchased when I was first married years ago.  Bruce and I painted and "shabby chic'ed" it about ten years ago, knowing that we'd replace it at some point.  A few weeks back, I found an Art Deco buffet at Goodwill in need of just a little love for $20.25.  Here it is, in a "before" pic:

Here it is after, with a minor repair and some glossy white paint.

And here is the decor surrounding the buffet.  The "Home Sweet Home" embroidered picture is from Vintageology in Marietta, GA.  The frame that the blue plate is hanging on is from Goodwill.  It was orginally a dark finish and had a mirror in it.  The beautiful plate and blue cups were given to me by Bruce's mother.  The christening gown was from a local thrift store and was brand new.  I tea dyed it to make it look like a tresured heirloom.    Everything else is from Goodwill.

Speaking of Goodwill, please note the lovely comment under my post about my Papa from Angela, a Goodwill employee.  I guess you know you have a major Goodwill habit when the employees are commenting on your blog LOL. 

Marietta Square

In the midst of all the anxiety of my trip to Georgia, my sister and I were able to steal away and have some good times together.  We're both geeks, so one of the most fun things we did was ordering in Chinese food and watching lurid stories about disasters on the History International Channel. 

Another thing we did was take a trip to Marietta Square.  This is a quaint, old-fashioned area with wonderful bakeries, restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shops,.  Check out their website here:

I took some pics of the Square and the surrounding area which I HOPE will give you a flavor of what our afternoon was like.  We stopped in for ice cream and I bought some wonderful things I'll show you later in a shope called "Vintageology"  Isn't that a great name?