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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lovely Tuesday

I've been on a "lack of sleep" jag since last Friday.  Ohhhhh, how I hate it.  There was nothing specifically wrong, but I was getting about three hours a night.  In a new and dismaying development, I can't seem to nap either.  ICK.  In graduate school, I had one problematic team member who was so bad that it actually would have been easier to do the work without her.  She was reassigned to another team after we finished the project yesterday.  At least we will not have to work with her on the next one.  Finally, I slept last night!

I had lunch out this afternoon, picked up some groceries, and did some thrift store shopping. I had read someone's blog (I forget whose) that said that Tuesdays are the most fruitful day for thrift stores.  The idea is that lots of donations come in from folks over the weekend.  By Tuesday, everything has been processed and shelved.  I have found this to be just right at my local haunts.  I picked up two wonderful tea pots, a hobnail milk glass mirror (!), a really upscale outdoor birdhouse that I'll use indoors, and a green glass vase for the dining room collection.  I'll get some pics up this week.

Enjoy the pear blossoms from the tree in my front yard.  I think they are perfectly perfect in lacey exquisiteness.  I would rather have the blossoms than the pears!  The beautiful ironstore pitcher was a birthday present from my thrift store junkie friend, Nancy.  It is one of the things I'd grab as I was running from the house in a tsunami.

So even though today was cloudy in Portsmouth, Virginia, it was still a lovely day because my mind started working again.  Never mind milk, does a body good!

Seize the day!