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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bowman's Part 2

So back to Bowman's on Saturday, as if all the flowers were not enough

And the statues

Bowman's has a dear little vintage green lunch wagon with vines painted on the side.  They use it as a kitchen to produce the best turkey Reuben sandwich I ever had (it was a panini)  The red potato salad came in a close second to my mother's...and that's saying a lot.  You can eat inside, with the beautiful decor and cut flowers, but I had to be out in the secret garden under a red umbrella.  I adore those vintage metal chairs.
I listened to the birds and marveled at the beauty, not 24 hours after a tornado had touched down in the nearby town of Hampton.

Secret Garden, Magical Saturday

Sometimes my best moments occur when I veer off my plan of the day and just go with the flow.  Saturday was such a day.  I went on a bike ride and ended up at Bowman's Garden Center in Olde Towne. 

Rich Bowman has created a Secret Garden where there was once a nasty 7-11.  Plants and garden items abound.

Even the smallest residents of Bowman's are magical
Like the bees and the buttlerflies...
Statues for the garden grace seclued corners...
Gorgeous salmon colored flowers
Wonderful shades of purple
As if all this beauty wasn't enough, Bowman's has another secret...