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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Signs of Autumn

Don’t you think the vintage pitcher and matching glasses are sweet? I picked them up at a vintage store on my weekend adventure to Matthews County, VA.  They seemed so “Daisy Cottage Kim” to me and were reasonably priced. They had to find a new home at 256.

Happily, it is cool enough to sit at the old table on the front porch once again and have breakfast. This morning, I sipped my chai tea, poured some orange juice from the vintage green pitcher, and enjoyed a sweet onion poppy seed bagel with cream cheese.

This is the literal “view from 256” where I can sit in my pj’s early of a morning, hidden behind the veil of a trumpet vine that conceals me from everyone else. There are old growth trees hundreds of feet high in front of me. Birds nest in the vine. They’ve grown accustomed to me and flit about totally unimpressed.

Signs of Autumn abound, whatever the calendar may say. While driving this weekend, I saw two flame-colored trees amidst the sea of green. I hear the announcer calling Greyhounds’ football games. The notes of the marching band travel all the way back to my front porch.

A Norfolk Southern train horn (did you know they used to be called “steam trumpets?”) sounds and then a few minutes later, another whistle announces the arrival or departure of the ferry, depending on which half hour it is. That ferry has been in operation since the 1600’s; I find this continuity very pleasing. These are the fall sounds of my town, those sounds that first charmed me when I moved here at just this time of year.

Are you seeing Autumn yet?