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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dilly Dally Emporium

I met the nicest woman on my trip to Mathews.  Karyn owns a magical shop called "The Dilly Dally Emporium."  She is a kindred spirit, also from Connecticut originally and my exact age.  No wonder I loved her shop. Isn't that just the best name, "The Dilly Dally Emporium?"  Being a great dilly dally-er, the name resonates with me.

The Dilly Dally has a gorgeous selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. There were several that greatly tempted me. I am partial to unusual jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings.   There were all manner of pampering lotions and bath-related items.  I bought an airy, beautiful Battenberg lace parasol that I'll share with you later.

Look at Karyn's marvelous Autumn "Christmas" tree., shown below  What a clever idea!  Wouldn't it be amazing to start a tradition of decorating one after the back to school rush and then change it over the day after Thanksgiving to a Christmas theme, as you eat turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and stuffing on the side?    

I fell in love with this sweet girl below.  She reminded me of some wig stands my mother had in the sixties.  That was when every fashionista worth her salt had a "fall" or a wig to augment her own hair.  She's sort of a 1920 flapper meets the sixties beauty, isn't she?  I simply loved this little vignette.  I greatly appreciate a shop owner who takes the time to create pleasing displays.  It sparks my own creativity.

As they say in Hawaii, Karyn and I "talked story" for quite a while.  Isn't that the best expression, talk story?  The companion pigeon English expression for gossiping about someone is referred to as "talk stink."  Maybe if people admitted that they were "talking stink" they'd do it less.

Do you remember the advertising jingle, "You can trust your car, to the man who wears the star?"  Texaco advertised this way for years and the employees had the Texaco Star on their uniforms.    I think the Dilly Dally's building used to be a service station, take a look at this vintage logo built into the building.    Those were the days when business owners expected to be in the same location for a while.

You can find Dilly Dally at 200 Main Street in Mathews, VA, if you happen to be out that way.  The phone number is 804-725-0955..  As Karyn's quicky business card says, it is "4,000 square feet of the tastefully unusual" kind of place.