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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glamour Shots of "Irene"

Get ready for some really glamorous pics from my house:

We love Lulu, but she is an irresponsible parent.  Two of her "babies" are dead in the backyard.

I"ll have to make a trip to Goodwill for some more teddy bears.

Naturally my house is camera ready and immaculate:

Nothing like having the entire front yard in my living room and dining room...and the best is yet to come!  Still have power, working on some projects, a roast chicken in the (gas) oven, and feeling pretty cozy, actually.  God is good.

As Irene Rages....I Tweak Vignettes for Fall

If the house blows away, it'll be looking autumn-y before it goes.  It is all about priorities, people.
The lovely vintage fall bird picture came from my on-line buddy Jenene.  Her daughter works at my favorite Goodwill store. Right now, she lives far away, but she will be moving to the next neighborhood over soon.