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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Peter Johnson, Jr.

I'm a big Fox News junkie.  It is on in the house almost all the time when I am at home.  There are quite a few of the different commentators, analysts, and anchors whom I like.  One of these is Peter Johnson, Jr. who subs in as an anchor for the morning news and appears as a news analyst for legal matters at other times.   I like Peter because he is very measured and fair.  He makes insightful comments and reasonable arguments.  You can certainly see that he is an attorney without being told.

This past week, he's been on a lot substituting for vacationing anchors. I wanted to find our what kind of lawyer he is and got to his company's website.  There was an email address, so I sent him a quick note of thanks for his great reporting.  I also suggested that he'd be a great blogger.

Imagine my total shock when I received this personal email from Peter before dinner this evening.

Anne. Thanks so much for your extraordinarily generous e mail. It really made my day and I hope to keep your confidence in the future. I write from time to time for and foxnation. Be well and I will think about a blog-not a lot of time to do it though. Peter.

Isn't it great when someone you admire from afar really turns out to be admirable?