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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lulu Came Back!

Last week, we decided to go to the oceanfront at Va Beach and take a long walk on the boardwalk.  Bruce and I were heartsick about the dogs and wanted to take our minds off it all.   We have a favorite Greek restaurant there. All the way home in the car, I had in my mind's eye a vision of Louise on the front porch. I kept brushing it off, so as not to be disappointed. When we got home, she wasn't on the front porch, but was curled up on the back stoop. She was filthy, with grease spots, but was very happy to get back home.

The next day, she got out again and just ran from the back yard to the front yard. We put her back in the back yard and Bruce said to her, "LuLu, how are you getting out?" She took him to the spot immediately, so impossibly narrow that you couldn't believe that she could get out. He told her NO in no uncertain terms and she hasn't gone near it since.

We realized after LuLu came back that it was Thelma who was chewing things, knocking over the garbage, etc. There's been no chewing at all since LuLu has been back. We also noticed that she was sort of pushing Maxine around, would try to take her bones, etc. We don't know if Thelma is meant to come back. Huskies are wanderers. We're just keeping her in prayer. If she comes back, my neighbor directly behind us really wants her, so that may be a good fit. One of our huskies, Lupa, was at someone else's house for three weeks before she came back.

In the meantime, LuLu has turned out to be the best dog we've ever had, including mighty Alex the wonderbeast. She fits in perfectly and is the most loving dog ever. Her only fault is that she is fairly food intense. I had forgotten how long a reach a young dog can have standing up on her back legs. I made a killer eggplant parm last night. I doubled the recipe so that I could freeze half of it for next week. We heard a crash in the kitchen. When we came in, she had that guilty dog look and she looked like Keith Ledger's Joker from Batman, with red sauce all over her white face from ear to ear. Then she did that nervous dog smile and she had eggplant stuck in her teeth. We can't even get mad at her, we just burst out laughing.