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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Julie and Julia

Every once in a while, I see a movie which is so wonderful that I don’t want it to end. Books can be like that, too, can’t they?

Julie and Julia is one of those movies. It brings together quite a few things that I feel passionate about: beautiful architecture, vintage clothing, cooking, blogging, and New York City, all in one place.

Julie and Julia is the story of two intersecting lives; that of the famous television star and chef, Julia Child and an obscure blogger from Queens who decided to cook every meal in Julia’s famous cookbook…even the dreaded aspic. You aren’t familiar with aspic? Think beef flavor Jello.

Those of us who grew up watching re-runs of the French Chef on PBS station will marvel at the amazing performance of Meryl Streep, who is able to convey the essence of Julia without making her a caricature. We see a different Julia than the familiar face with the pearls, the blue short sleeved shirt and the towel tucked into the waist. We see Julia the OSS spy who was stationed in China and Ceylon. Julia the world traveler and, could you believe, a sexy Julia passionately desired by her husband.

This is also the story of blogger. Julie and Julia examines why we blog, as well as the horizons which open to us when we pour out ourselves to whichever parts of our world want to read us.