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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodwill Chic - The Hall of Mirrors

Okay maybe it isn't this Hall of Mirrors in the palace at Versailles, but it makes me about as happy as eating cake did for Marie Antoinette.  Uh, while she was still able to eat cake, that is.

I have been collecting various things for this wall dating back to 12 years ago and really concentrating on getting it ready to go for the last six months.  My inspiration was partially Daisy Cottage Kim's red painted mirrors and partially pictures in my decorating books. 

Most of the items came from Goodwill.  All were under $5.  They ranged in color or finish from plain wood to metal to really ugly 1970's gold plastic, in the case of the the two large, oval mirrors.    I still have a few spots to fill in here and there.  These small areas will be the hardest to fill, as I'll have to keep a sharp eye out for the right size and shape.

It was really hard to take one pic which would do the whole wall justice. This area encloses the stairwell, so I had to try to convey the look by taking a few, graduated shots.