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Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is the smaller of the spare bedrooms, which has a bit of a gardening theme. I use dollar-store decorative birdhouse as a tie backs for the curtains and have two treasured pictures hung on the walls. One is made up of very old seed packets. The other is underneath the shelf, a print of a young husband and wife praying over a field. I love both.
The bed was my grandmother's and the shelf was to the right of her sink for fifty years. It always had rosary beads, a special holder for a used tea bag, her vitamins, her heart pills, and a little statue of St. Francis on it. I found the shutters in my garage when I moved in. I bought the little table from a tag sale and painted a checkerboard pattern on top.
So speaking of seeds, did you ever have a feeling that you should go do something that doesn't make sense? You just can't shake it off though, you feel like you just HAVE to do it. Yesterday, I just HAD to go to Walmart to look at seeds. That part of Walmart isn't heated and it was 28 degrees when I got my little urge...pretty cold for Virginia.
I've learned not to ignore that little feeling, because it is typically the Holy Spirt. I bundled up and drove over. They had organic seeds for two dollars a pack, regular seeds for $1 a pack and an entire display of seeds for 20 cents a pack. 20 cents a pack! I couldn't believe it. I scooped up all I needed and started seedlings today.