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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Beloved Waltons....How on earth could it be 40 years?

Just in case you guys didn't see this on Friday, I want to share something wonderful with you.  The Walton family reunited on the Today Show with Matt Lauer to talk about old times.  How on earth can John Boy (Richard Thomas) look just the same?

When things were falling apart with my own mother and father, they were there.  Maybe we need to find them again.  In the despair of the Depression and of World War II, they triumphed...together.  They made do...together.  They prayed, they ate together as a family, and met every challenge...together. I loved them.  Check out the link below.

Good night John Boy.  Good night Mary Ellen.  Good night Ben.  Good night Elizabeth.  Ahhhhh, home.  Did you know the narrator was Earl Hamner, Jr., the real John Boy?  Cue the harmonica music.  Good night, everyone.

Stuff It!

Looking for a cheap fix for dinner?  You can’t go wrong with a baked stuff potato or yam.  Yams were on sale for me locally at 28 cents a pound, so I stocked up.
You can stuff a baked potato with almost anything and it turns out tasty.   What goes into a stuffed baked potato?  Leftover diced chicken, turkey, pork or beef.  Leftover vegetables like peas, carrots, corn, broccoli or asparagus.  Black beans are really yummy stuffed into a baked potato.  Chili is equally so and needs nothing but a sprinkle of cheddar cheese on top. Baked potatoes and yams are very forgiving as to what you put on top.  Those little drips and drabs of leftovers that are too small to use for another meal tend to be just perfect.  Use either a simple white sauce, cheese sauce, or gravy to mix your other ingredients together.     You can find recipes for any of these on the Internet. 
The combination pictured is leftover diced turkey and a half a bag of mixed vegetables mixed together with a cheapo packet of sale gravy mix I added water to.  I had a very small amount of leftover sour cream and mixed that in.  I stuffed each yam with that mixture, two for our Friday dinner and two more for weekend lunches.