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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seek Ye First

So I was finishing up my eye make up, shower done, hair done, when I heard my sink making this ominous glug, glug, glug sound that I imagined as Jabba the Hut's voice.  I was about to run downstairs to tell Bruce, when I felt the Spirit tell me, "No, wait.  Don't worry about it until after church."  I'm generally not quiet long enough to hear that voice, so it is a true miracle that today I was praying while I put on brown eyeliner vs. worrying about something or thinking about the smart-alecky things I could have said the last time I got mad.

Then Bruce came up with a grim look on his face and told me not to use the water, that the plumbing was all backed up.  He said he needed me to got to church by myself while he called a plumber.  Instead of just giving my un-asked for opinion, as I often do, I asked him if he wanted some input.  He agreed that he did.

I brought up the Scripture that we'd recently read in our devotional, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you."  We talked about how this would apply to our situation.   We made the decision to go to Sunday School and church and worry about the darn plumbing later.

The sermon, by the way, was based on Jesus' admonition to Martha that "she was worried and upset about many things, but Mary has taken the greater part," which was to sit with Jesus.

And when we came home, all the plumbing worked.