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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thrift Love - Goodwill

I sure do love the Goodwill close to my house. I'm not a big garage saler. It makes me uncomfortable to haggle But at Goodwill, I get a punch card for donations that enables me to accumulate 20% off all my purchases after making four donations. My Mom often gets rid of things, hates to go to Goodwill to donate, so I do it and get my discount.

Yesterday, there was an amazing shadow box from TJ Maxx with the original price tag still on it, marked way down, which I purchased for a few bucks. I already had the items I put inside. I'm crazy about birds, skelaton keys, old silver, and white-on-white decorating. Strangely, Blogger doesnt see to have the pic function available. Will post one when I can.