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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today I learned a lot about flexibility. I’m a great one to make plans and not bounce back well when they don’t work out the way that I thought that they should. It is all about needing to have control, one of the least attractive things about me.

Off I went with my little plans to go to Starbucks with my dogs. It wasn’t too hot today, so I could go back to sitting outside with Lulu and Little Bit. Then I was going to go to a nationwide chain grocery store to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. Loaded up the dogs. Check. Got the vente three equal six pump sugar free cinnamon dolce latte. Check. Greeted my Starbucks peeps. Check. Got said dogs settled down. Check.

And then the best-laid plans began to unravel. Someone else brought an aggressive dog. I tried to move the table out of the sun and the leg fell off. An older man with a rather loose grip on reality invaded my space and made me feel uncomfortable. I left.

I decide to drink my latte in the car and drive through some neighborhoods that I enjoy. I saw the idyllic scene you see below.

Took a walk with the doggies and saw this and that. They liked it better than Starbucks and so did I.

The pictures above are why they call it Waterview.

And then I found my vegetables from Charles Nixon’s stand here:

And brought home the vegetables here:

Many plans are in a man's mind, but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand.  Proverbs 19:21          

Green Glass

My dining room is green, designed to highight the green ivy Franciscanware which once belonged to my parents.  If you're very observant, you might have noticed that the Ricardo's used the very same pattern.  Can you pick out Lucy's china on my buffet?  

(pic courtesy of Vintage Memorabilia Shop (*Nk2mP0&product=kitchen)

That's my father on his pony in the green framed picture and my special green tea cup from when I was little on the same shelf.

A relative got me started with collecting green glass when she gave me the wonderful canister you see pictured on the top shelf,  far right.  Although it says "flour" on the front, it was used to pack potato salad for picnics during fishing trips near Hay Springs, Nebraska.  The canister was pulled from a wicker picnic basket stowed in a black and white 1954 Chevy Belaire like this one.  Right next to the fishing poles.  Everyone felt lucky if Eric didn't get car sick.

There was the potato salad, egg salad sandwiches, and a big cooler of home-brewed ice tea.  Dessert was pumpkin pie.  Later fried, breaded bullhead or perch was lovingly cooked by Grandma Fodge.  Eric would cry when she'd make creamed peas.  Eric went on to become a champion power lifter in Nebraska and finally stopped crying when people took his picture.

Since then, the green glass collection in various shades has grown, mostly with help from very reasonable Goodwill purchases.  When the light hits my green glass in the morning, I see jewels of peridot, emerald, and citrine.  Yesterday I relocated a picture from the other side of the dining room to a new spot above the buffet.  The colors in the picture enhance the colors of the glass.