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Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay so Spunky is the adorable dog that lives across the back fence.  In fact, when Roger, Spunky's Dad, built a new privacy fence, he deliberately left part of the old, shorter chain link there so that Spunky could visit with Maxine and Little Bit across the fence, so to speak.

Now Spunky is, as they say, a young pup, and Maxie and Little Bit are senior dogs.  He was mildly interested and polite. 

But then Thelma and Louise came to live here and suddenly he was extremely interested, attractive young ladies that they are.  At first Roger was getting stressed about Spunky's jumping the fence into the backyard.  However, we finally agreed that this wasn't actually a big problem between good neighbors.

So life with puppies once again is really interesting.  As I type this, Louise is chewing up used Kleenex.  So far Thelma has chewed up a pair of shoes, my Fox and Friends ball cap, and a brand-new bra.  I love them both dearly, but you forget how puppies can be.

I raced home from a client, a church about 45 minutes away and ran in to let all the dogs out.  Cue the music, "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?"  I left the back storm door cocked open so our elderly Maxine could come back in as soon as she wanted to.  I ran upstairs for something and stopped to go to the bathroom.  I sat there for a minute, just catching my breath.  It was about the first time that day I'd had a chance to sit down.

I heard some dog tags and someone bounding up the stairs.  Not unusual in this house.  I sat looking out the window at  the azaleas.  And then Spunky walked into my bathroom and sat down.  He looked at me, with his head cocked to one side, quizically. 

My immediate reaction was embarassment.  A strange dog and all.  Okay I can deal with four dogs, one elderly dog that needs to be carried up the stairs at night...all 90 pounds of her.  But I draw the line a strange dog jumping the fence and waltzing into my bathroom.  It's all about boundaries.

Birthday Pitcher

I have wonderful friends.  One of the  most wonderful is my friend, Nancy.  Nancy is my partner-in-crime, my fellow lover of all things "Twilight," as well as being the Queen of Thrift Shopping.

My birthday is coming up and she gave me this beautiful bouquet picked from her yard, in a thrifted vintage (or maybe antique) pitcher.  I adore pitchers.  The bouquet has mock orange in it and it is filling my bedroom with the fragrance.