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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Laminin - The Glue of the Human Body

Have you heard about laminin? Lamimin is a protein found in the human body, which is used to connect cells together. It has been described as the glue of the human body.

Here’s the definition according to Wikipedia:
Basically, laminin is a protein found in the "extracellular matrix", the sheets of protein that form the substrate of all internal organs also called the "basement membrane". It has four arms that can bind to four other molecules.
The three shorter arms are particularly good at binding to other laminin molecules, which is what makes it so great at forming sheets. The long arm is capable of binding to cells, which helps anchor the actual organs to the membrane. The laminin protein is made up of three separate parts, called the A, B1, and B2 chains.

What to learn more? Check out this short video from You Tube. It will knock you over with its inspiration, humor and scientific evidence of God’s glory.
And may I add just one more thought to Pastor Louie’s wonderful presentation? Please note the last sentence from the Wikipedia definition; “The laminin protein is made up of three separate parts, called the A, B1 and B2 chains.” Or should we call them instead; “The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.?”
Is life hard right now? Are things coming at you so quickly that it seems difficult to stand up under it? Jesus promised that the Kingdom of God is within you. Has science now proven this in an actual tangible way, for those of us who have the figurative “ears to hear” that Jesus talked about? The glory of God is truly within us. Do you have a chronic illness? Take heart, because the triune God is holding you together. Literally. Glory to God!
He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and IN HIM ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER. Colossians 1:15-18


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Annie,

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by from Mrs. A's. Very nice blog. Laminin was an interesting read. The Kingdom of God is within us! Yes it is! Thank you for the great truth.



Debra said...

Hi Anne! I've been meaning to email you.....honest! I'd love to see the mirror you mentioned that you found on the street. was a mirror, wasn't it? Oh, and I love the way you have the links to blogs in your sidebar, with the first sentence, etc. I'd never seen that on a blog before, just on other 'colective' sites. It's very nifty. :) Also love your header with the front of your house! Gotta run... Keep up the good work here! Blessings, Debra

JohnM said...

I am also amazed with this laminin thing discovery!
Praise God for giving us this type of Molecules in our body to support every living cells we have.

But have you ever heard about Laminine too? the one with "e"?
The new Science Breakthrough
Laminine, the Stem Cell Enhancer

more info at:

Thanks and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I cry i mean I brokedown in centalmentel tears after seeing pastor louie presentation on laminin what and awesome GGGod we serve who even died on that cross for us while we were all sinners. ( Like to add that GGGod reveals things through his creations the increitbul edible egg has yoke white and the shell one egg man his a body a soul and a sprit one man and here the biggie the atom has a neuclis a proton and electron one Aton the building block of the world GGGod is awesome the Father the Son and the holy ghost thanks for info

Anonymous said...

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