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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Little Hutch

I bought this little hutch years ago at a second-hand/vintage store in Honolulu. Up until six weeks ago, it was sort of a maple color. I continue to experience my mania for painting all things white or off-white, so I spray painted this baby out on the front porch.
Some of the things I really treasure are displayed here. Pink depression glass from my grandmother. A wee tea set. Part of my pitcher collection, including an unusual majolica pitcher that was also Helen's, my grandmother's. On the bottom left hand side is a plate from the Pearl Habor Submarine Base Chapel and next to it, in the middle, is a very special blue plate that my mother-in-law gave me one Christmas.
Click to enlage each picture, if you like.


Debra said...

Oh! Love this to pieces. Great job. Blessings, Debra

Judy said...

I love it too!

The white is amazing. Love how it sets it all off.

And, I gasp, you have PUSH BUTTON LIGHTS! I love those. We lived in a house once that had ONE set, but it was the only place the piano fit so it never showed. It always made me think fondly of my grandparents to turn that light on and off.