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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, CT

I am drawn to old graveyards and gravestones. When I was much younger, before I married, I worked in downtown Hartford in the insurance industry. The graveyard pictured below was closed in by a number of buidings.

Two of the minor buildings are now gone, which allows for much better viewing of the gravestones. You can access the cemetary directly from the street. When I would visit there in the past, I would have to go through one of the high-rise buildings to sit in the graveyard, which was totally wall-off to the outside except for the sky.

I love how the old gravestones are carved. I love the sentiments and warnings carved into such gravestones. The stones I took pictures of all have very interesting sentiments which can be seen if you click on each pic to make it bigger. For more information about this cemetary, which has been in Hartford since the 1600's, please click here:

There was a wonderful teacher in the graveyard, Andrea Ader, with students who were being trained to care for the graveyard and to guide others through it. Visting with Andrea and her student interns was very special.

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