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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doing Dishes

I found this great little quote from this month's Country Living, from a book called, "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" by Katrina Kenison

I magined a simple kitchen, a farm sink full of soapy water, a view from the window that would lift my heart, and time enough just to stand there, fingers swirling a sponge across a chinat plate.


Myrna said...

Hi Annie~
I popped over from Debra's(As I See it Now)..and was just going to comment on the 'doing dishes' post (that I, too, saw that quote and loved it.) Then I began to read more..scrolled down and read more...scrolled down and on and on til I got to June 26, 2008.
It was there that I found we both lived in San Diego,and we both found our dream houses online in the city we were to move to. AND we're both 'blog friends' with dear, darling Debra!!
I just wanted to tell you how much the posts in your blog resonated with me. Your perspective on life, your faith, your humor, etc.
Your blog is going into my favorites and I will be back to visit often!
Blessings to you dear Annie!

Debra said...

Oh! Thanks for the reminder for me to seek out that book. I saw it mentioned somewhere else and knew it was written just for me. heh. And did you get your cookbook holder at Target? That's where I got mine back in the days when I was just beginning to like red. :)Thanks for emailing me the pic. Just add another thing to the list of things we have in common!

And Myrna--you are a sweetie! Thanks for your kind words about me here.

Blessings to you both, Debra

Shea Terrace Blog said...

Hey Debra:

My Mom got me that cookbook holder, but Target would probably be a good guess for where she got it. I love the architectural or sculptural design of it. She had a black one that I admired and, as is often the case, she soon bought one for me.