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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eliminate and Concentrate

In my favorite book, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman, written by my mentor, Anne Ortlund, she makes an important statement about time management by suggesting that we "eliminate and concentrate" in order to get the most important things done.

Eliminating and concentrating can also work well for me in decorating around my home. My kitchen shelf, which is up very high, had become a catch-all for anything I thought was cute. My ktichen is black, white, and red...but there were all sorts of tins and other items that really didn't fit in with the color scheme.

So, I eliminated and concentrated. I removed about half of what was up there. I limited myself to items I really loved. I love the new look.

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Kathleen said...

So glad to find your post! I was talking to my husband about thinking about going camping again after a very long break from it due to health problems. This may not be the time of the year to want to camp but it is the time to make it possible next year! I told him we need to go through our gear and make sure what we have is what we need - to 'eliminate and concentrate!'

I told him that was something that was from back in our Multnomah years - early 70's - but I could not remember where I had read it. What a delight to realize it was Anne Ortland from a long-buried book. I need to find it again. My time-frame of when I read it was off, but my need for some re-focusing is not! I've enjoyed seeing how you have applied the idea to your life. I need to finish this... I've been wandering through your blog and see that you're a fan of Alexandra Stoddard, too! Ah, so sweet! I loved reading how her ideas changed radically when she bought her own house after a lifetime of living in apartments and she realized that the light during different times of the day affected how she saw an area.... Ahhhh... simple pleasures.