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Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn House

I don't know that name of the woman on High Street in Western Branch who so lovingly decorates the exterior of her home for every season. But I feel like I know her and wish I had the nerve to ring her bell and tell her how much I enjoy her home.

Since I first saw it 11 years ago, I have made sure to go back and peep at it as often as I pass by. I find inspiration and feel her love for beauty and her sense of style. If I thought I wouldn't be caught, I'd be a peeping Thomasina so I could press my nose against the glass to see her living room decor. Don't you just know that it would be full of very special, homey things?

The Germans have a word that doesn't really translate well into English...gemutlich. Gemutlich is an adjective that means sort of cozy and homey, inspiring a feeling of warmth and family. This house makes me feel gemutlich. I feel grateful to the special person who decorates for the delight of the Portsmouth community. Please note the straw hat on the horse. LOL!


Debra said...

Oh! Oh! I so want that horse and buggy. :) Thanks for sharing such autumnal loveliness with us, Anne. Hugs, Debra

Lady Chris said...

The couple that live here own Churchland Glass and Mirror Company in Portsmouth, if I'm not mistaken. I have had friends in the past mention this to me...some of them know the family. Someone really should knock on her door and see if she would let them feature her house on a blog :)