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Monday, April 5, 2010

Thelma and Louise

Sometimes I am not so fond of people in general, especially people who believe that animals are disposable. 

Somehow these two beautiful dogs were dumped in my neighborhood over the weekend. 

Huskies follow me, I don't know why. Thelma pictured right here is the third husky-type dog which has adopted me in the last twelve years.

Louise, standing there next to Thelma,  is a pit bull Labrador mix.  She is a lover and is so frightened that we have to carry her up the stairs.  Both of them cringe when you reach out too quickly.  Clearly, they have been abused by someone. As I said, sometimes I don't like people very much.

Here's Francis Beast, our adored Siberian husky who passed away during Christmas 2009.   He was a retired senior citizen in this picture, stretched out in front of the fireplace.   He found us in 2002.

This is me in the front hall with Maxine and Lupa, our first Siberian who found us in 1999.  She really looked like a wolf.  She was older when she found us, but loved us until she went home to be with God.  With me is Maxine, a lab mix who is still our main canine girl.  She is much loved and well cared for in her old age.

This is Little Bit, a Jack Russell/dauchshund mix who we adopted about a year after Maxine Bean.  She is fiesty, just like the little guy who always starts the bar fight.  She is also extremely smart and knows the precise geographic center under the bed where you can't reach her.

So we already have two dogs and really weren't looking for another, never mind another two. 

However, my beloved Maxine is not getting any younger.  In fact she is over 12 and was run over by a car when she was a rescued dog, so her arthritis is pretty bad.  We will love and care for her until it is time for her to go back to the Creator.  The huskies have a history of coming, when another dog is ready to go home with God.  One dog doesn't replace another, but it does make things easier.

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Alex M said...

What a big heart you have!