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Monday, June 28, 2010

Muskrat Suzy and Muskrat Sam or How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Okay, truly one of the worst songs of the 70's was Muskrat Love by The Captain and Tenille  Just think about sitting down to write a song about rodents in love.  But that's what Bruce calls Lulu and that "other dog"...Muskrat Suzy and Muskrat Sam. 

I've never had a dog with a boyfriend before.  Spunky is the dog that we "share custody of" with our backyard neighbors, Roger and Chrissy.  The Spunkmiester never paid too much attention to our old girls, but when Lulu arrived, oooo la la! 

He taught himself to jump over the fence to get into the yard.  Later on, he learned how to bang on the back door and bay for her, as beagles do.  While I was in Atlanta with Lulu, he'd come in the house in the morning with the two old girls.  Bruce would tell him, "She's not here, go home."    And off he'd go back over the fence to eat his breakfast.

Uh, hi, can Lulu come out to play?

Let the games begin!

Offensive penalty...holding.

Shall we dance?

Drop my stuffed baby and walk backward to the sound of my woof.

Just another day at the Bremers.

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Judy said...

love Love LOVE the pictures!

I am dearly loved by a beagle.