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Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Friday

Whew, busy Friday!  I had an interview I needed to do for school with a senior forensics tech.  Wow, it was nothing like NCIS or CSI, but he did once use heated super glue on an entire car in a special chamber to obtain evidence.

Then off to lunch at the Officer's Club at Norfolk Navy Base.  So many Naval aviators, so little time!  We had the buffet which was extremely reasonable.  Best deal in town, I think.  I was amazed at the colorful salad bar and the fresh steamed vegetable available.  I'm going to have to go do that again!  The O Club is on the "airdale" side of the base, with all the planes and helo's taking off and landing.  Very interesting views on a crisp early spring day with bright sun and blue skies.

A lot of us bloggy girls have posted on galleries.  Daisy Cottage Kim has one with red mirrors which I love.  This is my version.  Many vistas in my house are hard to photograph because of tall ceilings and narrow aspects, like the stairwell.  So, please be patient with the pics.

My gallery is based on a few scripture references.  The first is "Now I see in a mirror dimly, but then I shall see face to face," a Biblical reference to heaven.  The second is that God has given us the "keys to the kingdom."  The third is a biblical reference to the cross which says that it is scandal to the world, but salvation to those who believe.  I hang all my cross necklaces here, too.
None of the frames, mirrors, or crosses were over $5.  That's the rule.  They were not all black, in fact, they were nearly any color you can imagine.  I spray-painted them all in the backyard for a uniform look.   It took me about two years to get this all together.  I just picked some big mirrors at first and filled in around them.  Psssst, don't tell anyone, but some of the mirrors are cheapo plastic.  I found some of the frames out for trash pick up.

Want to look at some great "galleries?"  Check out this link to a bunch of them at the amazingly fabulous Nesting Place blog:

Oscar the Grouch, the muppet who lived in a trash can on Sesame Street used to sing this song:

Oh I love trash
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Oh I love trash

That about says it all, kidlets.  Enjoy your weekend!

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Judy said...

"...but I wouldn't trade it for a big pot of gold, I love it because it's trash!"

That wall is spectacularly beautiful! I LOOOOVE it.

Personally, I feel that thrift, faux, and rigged all go hand in hand rather nicely when it comes to decorating ones home.