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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Morning

Greetings from cold and rainy Virginia, where a small, wet, white dog sits beside me hoping that a morsel will drop off my plate.  I'm eating a whole grain Thomas' English muffin with almond butter and Simply Fruit, raspberry. Sublime.  Lulu is a cute vulture with fur, I don't think Darwin could explain her. She's also waiting for the dregs of my cinnamon and cardamon-infused chai tea.  Good luck on that because I drank it down to the last dregs. 

You do know about the spice cardamon, right?  It is much more popular in Scandinavian countries.  Cardamon is lovely in any kind of baked goods instead of cinnamon, like apple pie or banana bread.  It has a lighter, almost citrus-y scent.  Sometimes I open the bottle and just sniff, as I do with whole vanilla beans and freshly-ground coffee.  Yes, I know, I need a life. Strangely, I also like the smell of gasoline.

I've got a pot of split-pea soup cooking.  Just that kind of day, I think.  I like mine spicy, with red pepper flakes, fennel seed, and cumin.  I start it early, because it tastes better after it sits a bit.

So my Dr. Pepper crate up there.  I've had that out in the garage for ten years.  I had no idea what to do with it, but I knew I needed to keep it.  I'm always fiddling for a pen and something to write on in the kitchen, as well as for the tout voila, an organizer.  I started thinking about this when I saw the link below on Junk Market Style:

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