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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting a New Disposition

I noticed this sign at the Naval Hospital the last time I was there.  I almost took a number, so I could be No. 9.  Because when the employee who sits on the right got back from her break, I wanted a new disposition.  I wasn't having a good day and, up until this time, I didn't realize that new dispositions were so readily available.

Now I'm sure if you consider it, you could think of quite a few folks who could use a new disposition.  Maybe you could use one, you never know.  The pharmacy tech I always seem to get really could use one. For someone I have to deal with through the Civic League, a new dispostion would really be excellent, as far as I am concerned. 

Quite a few people I see speeding across the West Norfolk Bridge could use a new disposition, especially the ones who give me digital encouragment for obeying the speed limit. 

Finally, the rude guy on the bike on the Great Dismal Swamp Canal Trail could use one.  He was one of the self-absorbed clowns in a court jester outfit with his head down, crouched in a stance to get the least drag to improve his personal best time on his bike because everything has to be a competitive event.

I had slowed down to talk to a walker.  Her friend, further up the trail had twisted her ankle and had gone to sit at a park bench.  I delivered the message.  After nearly running the walker down because he had his head down where he could only see his cycling feet, the biker opined, "You people really need to pay attention to where you're going" in a rather stunning example of the psychological term "projection."   He seemed pretty surprised when I suggested that a switch to decaf might be helpful for him.

Maybe I should have grabbed number 9 and gotten a new dispostion after all.

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