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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Flashing You

I don't usually get intimidated, but sometimes those blog experts with the gorgeous pics really do check my creativity.  There's been a particular bit of helpful advice that's been going around among the elite:  never use a flash.  Well, I've been going along with that for a while, but it is impossible to take a pic in my living room without one.

I have a deep front porch which runs the whole width of the house that prvevents my living room from being extremely sunny.  Today I decided to forget the advice, take my flash pics and blog about what I wanted to say. 

I've changed up the living room a bit, here are my flash pics.  It's my camera and I'll flash if I want to, flash if I want to, flash if I want to...

1 comment:

Judy said...

So glad you used the flash! I've read those blogs also. I've got the best camera I can afford, and it doesn't afford me the luxury of a non-flash picture all the time.

There seems to exist a camera which makes even yard wastes look delightful, but I don't have that kind.