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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Upcycled Blue Shutters

I never fail to be amazed at what folks put out for the trash.  Just off the top of my head, following are some treasured items I upcycled from the trash: 

a beautiful old door with a wonderful patina and estucheon plate (the decorative area around a door knob) that sits in my living against a wall
the headboard in one of the guest bedrooms
my coffee table
a chair with no bottom that I spray painted red. It sits in my front yard with flowers in the seat area
vintage suitcases
a vintage red checked apron
a folk art wooden heart
the bottom of a Hoosier cabinet
a vintage 1940's enamel counter top
a chest of drawers
a vintage free-standing kitchen spice cabinet about six feet tall
a small beadboard cupboard from a Sunday School classroom which I use for diplays in front of the living room window.

Last night I was riding my bike at Merrimac Point and spied these amazing blue shutters on top of a trash pile.  I kept my fingers crossed as I raced home to get the jeep that no one else would pick them up. I couldn't see balancing five-foot high shutters on my handlebars.  My ceilings are 12 feet high,so the shutters fit perfectly in the area above the bookcase.  

This area is tucked into a corner created by the fireplace flue.  The bookcase is the main reason I bought the house, I just fell in love with the glass front and door knobs.  It is original to the house. 

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