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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Edenton, NC, Part 2

Fortified with some good coffee, and okay I admit it, a few home baked chocolate chip cookies, I headed out of town where agriculture is still king.  Imagine this if you can with the addition of peanuts processing in a little factory, all intensely "Mr. Peanut" wafting as I rode mile after mile.  These horses and the donkey looked at me gravely.

This barn was around the next bend in the road.

And a cotton field

Cotton pretty much the same in the field as it looks inside your Vitamin-C bottle

Peddled all the way back to town then past this park

And headed here

for a cup of beef with vegetable soup and an entree of crab-stuffed mushrooms.  Yum-o!

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Wayne said...

Nice place! As a midshipman in college, I served aboard USS Edenton over a Christmas break.