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Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodwill On Line

Okay, am I the last vintage thrift girl who knows about this?  I just found out about Goodwill on line.  I think this is a pretty cool idea.  Like EBay, but non-profit benefitting Goodwill instead.

I found out about this from a blog that strangely fascinates me called What I Wore Today.

I have a quirky sense of style.  I'm given to big statement pieces of jewelry. I typically like a lot of color in my wardrobe and black, white, purple, turqouise, and hot pink are my colors.  I have necklaces with skeleton keys, bracelets made of mah-jong pieces, and big cuff bracelets.  I also like big shawl like-scarves, cool shoes, and the like.

I do not share What I Wore Today's style. She mixes patterns together, which I really don't care for and layers stuff which just makes me hot.  But I've really been enjoying observing how she creates new outfits.  This has inspired me to shake up how and what I wear without buying anything new.


Echoes From the Hill said...

I have purchased quite a few things on Goodwill on line. I have a feeling that a lot of antique dealers use this site, and they know the value of things, so bid against each other and run up prices. There are some good buys there, but if it is a valuable item, it is not going to be cheap!
It is fun looking at all of the interesting items and if you are into vintage items, not necessarily antique, you can get some nice things. Shipping tends to be high though.

Wayne said...

I didn't know! My aunt would love this site. I'll have to spread the word.