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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Queen Bee's (An Amazing Vintage Shop in Portsmouth, VA)

I had a slow leak in my bicycle tire, so I peddled to Olde Towne to the bike shop.   I had a few moments before the "bike man" opened and stepped into the Queen Bee's.   I'm so glad I was early!

Sharon Black has such a lovely little shop and such a great eye for unique treasures. 

Sharon will look at this pic with dismay and say, "But I just took all the orange stuff out of the Hoosier cabinet and didn't have time to re-arrange it."  I like it anyway,

I brought this sweet little teapot home with me!  Here it is in my living room with the birds.
I wish I had room for this little blue flower pot chair in my living room, but this gorgeous shade of blue did settle in my mind which color to paint the two chairs that sit at the table where we usually eat.

The Queen Bee's
425 High Street
Portsmouth, VA

And no, I don't get anything for talking about this lovely little shop.  I just loved it so much I wanted to share it with my friends!

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