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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Now that the heat of summer is over, the geraniums in the yard and on the porch are going crazy with blooms.  It is as if they are wriggling themselves into a comfortable chair and saying "ahhhhhh."

I made a few changes in the kitchen.  Somewhere, I saw a kitchen which had open shelf displays.  I'm not wild to show my cupboards in general, but this one skinny cabinet never held too much, anyway.  In one of my magazines, I saw a bowl with large polka dots which I fell in love with several years ago. I've been looking for one for forever.  I was so surprised to find it right here in Portsmouth a couple of weeks ago.  The cool Cracker Jacks lunch box came from Goodwill.

I love this Hostess Cupcakes sign.  It sits as a back splash behind my stove.  It is metal and easily wiped off.

Wowsers, I used to love Hostess cupcakes which I took with me in my lunchbox to Sunset Ridge Elementary School in East Hartford, Connecticut. 

1 comment:

Judy said...

LOVE the red!
I'm getting very close to wanting to have open shelving on the two cupboards above my sink. Time will tell.