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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Fashion-y Blogs I Love

I follow some really varied blogs from a shy housewife in upstate NY who writes remarkable things to an irreverent single tattoo'd Brooklyn woman who lost about 80 pounds and rides around New York City on her Hello Kitty cruiser in high heels.  She writes the Bitchcakes blog  I also read a blog by cloistered monks in the desert and a couple of Amish blogs, heh.  The first part about the monks is true.

Anyway, I really love some of the fashion-y blogs out there.  Now I am more than sure that I wouldn't wear many of the ensembles that Kasmira or Vanessa wear.   Kasmira mixed plaids and animal prints which would just make me cross eyed if I saw it on myself in the mirror.  But on her...WOW WOW WOW!

What I get from these wonderful women are ideas on how I can make my own wardrobe go farther.  Because of reading their work, I have paired grey and yellow wihth terrific results.  I never would have done that on my own.  I wear red sling back high heels with my dressy jeans.  I combine necklaces. All because of them.  Maybe you'll enjoy these ladies, too. They all thrift a significant portion of their clothing.

The outrageous Kasmira, human resources girl, from Cincy and her husband, Beefy Muchacho, do the What I Wore Today Blog:

Vanessa the brave, from Big Girl, Small Budget, Tiny Town.  Think you have to dress in black and stand in the corner if you are a larger woman?  Think again.

Patti's Not Dead Yet blog.  I love the name she chose!  She runs a Monday feature with input from many readers modeling over-50 fashion which makes them look visible, rather than the invisible feeling that many women over 50 experience.

Paula is a vibrant artist who loves color, color, and more color in her wardrobe.  I love her style!

Check these bloggy girls out!  They are inspirational AND make frugal recommendations using thrift store options.  What could be better than that!

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