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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan

I cook almost everything we eat, whether it is consumed on the road to work, at work, or at home.  I'm getting on the bandwagon and posting my menus along with Frugal Girl and a lot of others.  Pic courtesy of Cooking in the country.

Menu Plan Monday
B – steel cut oatmeal, cranberries
L – eggs, turkey sausage, potatoes
D – chicken stir fry, brown rice, cucumber salad
B - steel cut oatmeal, apples
L – turkey soup, cucumber salad, fruit
D – chili, cabbage winter salad, cornbread
B - steel cut oatmeal, frozen fruit
L – chili, cabbage winter salad
D – Impossible broccoli pie, peas, baked yams
B – egg sandwich, sliced oranges
L–  impossible broccoli pie, peas
D – split pea soup,  Texas toast, deviled eggs.
B -  steel cut oatmeal, frozen fruit
L – deviled eggs, split pea soup
D – baked potatoes stuffed with turkey and gravy, spinach, cabbage salad
B -  egg sandwiches, sliced oranges
L – baked potatoes stuffed with turkey and gravy, sliced apples
D – chicken parmesan, spinach, pasta
B -  oatmeal, frozen fruit
L –  chicken parmesan, peas
D – homemade pizza with caramelized onions and two cheeses, sautéed cabbage

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