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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Snow Yeehaw!

Do you have any friends who live in Florida?  I do.  One of the things they seem to delight in at this time of year is telling someone who lives further north what the temperature is.  Do you know what?  I don't care!

I confess it; I love snow.  Perhaps this love is kindled by the fact that we in Virginia rarely see it.  However, I've loved the snow since I was a kid in East Hartford and in New York.  I would make snow angels and forts with my brother.  We had a wonderful long driveway in East Hartford which started up higher, curved down around our Tudor-style 1920's home and ended at the double doors to the garage.  What a wild ride on our red-trimmed wooden sleds and round silver saucers!  We would come in red cheeked, with cold-pink hands for Campbells chicken noodle soup with Saltines crushed on top.

Lulu is all ready for the snow.  I think dog clothes are absurd for the most part and absurdly expensive.  However, my little peanut has very short hair and she gets cold.  I looked at an appropriate-sized coat at PetSmart but was staggered at the price.  Later the same day, I went to Old Navy and found this jacket on sale at Old Navy.  Apparently Lulu is a size 3 Toddler.  The sleeves have to be short enough that she doesn't fall over them and the business end needs to be clear of fabric.  This jacket was perfect and the cost was under $5.


Debra said...

Oh I loved this (and thanks for making me laugh):

"Apparently Lulu is a size 3 Toddler."

What a brilliant, money-saving idea you had! (And Lulu looks so adorable I can hardly stand it!). Blessings, Debra

Colleen said...

That jacket is just too cute!!! I grew up in MI and we had two dogs that got new sweaters every Christmas to wear on their daily walks outside in the winter :)

JPG said...

Hi Colleen:

Thank you so much for commenting for the first time. I love the jacket too.


JPG said...

Hi Debra:

We think she's entirely adorable ourselves. She's a gift from God to be sure.