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Sunday, June 10, 2012

DC's Capitol Hill Neighborhood

I love big cities; Boston, New York, or DC.  I like big, old cities.  Do I want to play the tourist to shop?  Absolutely not.  I want to walk, and walk, and walk some more, take pictures, and absorb the places where people really live.  Then I find an outdoor cafe and sit, watching the people walk by living their regular routines and wonder what it would be like to live there.  I admire the architecture, the old growth trees, and savor the flavor of real life in that BIG CITY.

So that's what I did on Thursday in DC.  I explored the neighborhood around Capitol Hill.

DC has many magnificent row houses in this area, much like the row houses in my beloved New York City, but more colorful.

I stopped and sat on the steps of a Catholic church to talk to a friend.  The sirens of the DC Metro Police and ambulances, the horns honking in cars, the snatches of conversation overheard, "You know, he's a great candidate, Jeb already endorsed him"...the song of DC.   It's a different song of the city than you hear in New York.

Here's that church spire from a distance:

Then there were all the postage stamp sized cottage gardens in the front of the row houses.  This is a big difference from New York

Isn't this little cafe adorable? Tres jolie!

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