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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fried Green Beans

Suzanne and I had a lovely day on Wednesday.  We went out to what is known as the "Northern Neck" of Virginia in her little Miatta convertible.  This is a rural country area with old homes and little summer cottages along tidal estuaries and the Chesapeake.

We stopped for lunch and some vintage shopping, where I got the "lawyer's case" for my office.  The restaurant is in the old Richardson's Drug Store.  I had lobster bisque and a salad, but Suzanne got kinda cra cra and ordered FRIED GREEN BEANS.

I was intrigued, especially when she pointed out that onion rings aren't so very different.  These were truly delicious, with a spicy batter on them and more of a snap than onion rings.  How do I know?  She shared.

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