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Sunday, June 17, 2012


She moved in next door not long ago.  I learned yesterday that her name is Genesis.  She is only five, but knew exactly how to spell it.  I asked her if she knew where her name came from. She said, "my Daddy."  True enough, but not quite in the way that she meant it.  I picked up my Bible from the porch table and pointed out her name there right at the beginning. She was delighted.

The Bible tells us to make it our ambition to lead a quiet life and mind our own business.  I try to, I really try. But Genesis is out unsupervised on a busy street for more time than I am comfortable with.  Her mother is overwhelmed, I am sure, by two younger children.  However, leaving a five year old out unsupervised for 45 minutes to an hour scares me to death.  I am praying to figure out what Jesus wants me to do in addition to loving this child for Him.

So Genesis and I had a talk as we watched the butterflies flit around the cottage garden. That's all I could think to do yesterday.

Update:  I talked to my neighbors on the other side, wonderful Christians with kids the same age.  We decided that God must have put this young family in our midst for a reason. We agreed to be praying and help out whenever we could..  They invited the new family to a spaghetti dinner and dessert auction  at church two blocks away and the new family was glad to go.


Debra said...

When the Bible says to mind our own business (my favorite verse as you know) I believe our business *is* helping others be safe and helping them however God nudges us to. So you're doin' good, Anne!! Blessings, Debra

Judy said...

You are a wonderful person. Just in case you ever forget that, I'm here to remind you.