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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mrs. Bremer Goes to Washington

I had an amazing opportunity yesterday to interview Congressman Dave Reichart of Washington State.  Congressman Reichart, during his days in law enforcement, was the head of the task force which apprehended the Green River Killer, one of the most prolific serial killers ever.

His book, Chasing the Devil, recounts the harrowing 20 years he spent chasing this monster who has been documented as killing 48 women and claims to have killed 71.  I never thought that I would be sitting next to the person who apprehended a sociopath whom I'd studied at length in a profiling class in graduate school.

I will be writing up this article for Law Enforcement Today, where I am managing editor.  I'll link to the article here in the blog once published.

Dave Reichart is a Christian and a truly wonderful legislator with a conscience and deep concern about the current state of government in this country.  It comforts me to know that a righteous person is there in Washington, DC.

I was his guest at the posh Capitol Hill Club, which I have heard about over the years, never dreaming that I'd be sitting in there in the bar next to people I usually see only on television.  I was cool, don't worry.  I only jumped up and down and said "Oh my GOSH that is Congressman Peter King" and "I'm interviewing a Congressman for Pete's sake" on the inside.  Mostly I was thinking, "Don't stare.  Don't knock over your Diet Pepsi.  Don't be a goober."

I was mesmerized being so near the seat of power of the legislative branch of our government.  The hum and buzz of talk in the club, with occasional bursts of laughter or raised voices has a direct influence on all of us.  I wanted to stand up and holler, "Stop the gridlock.  Cooperate.  Follow the golden rule. We're depending on you," but of course, I couldn't.

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