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Friday, June 22, 2012

Suzanne and "The Irish Show"

Wow, I cannot believe I spelled Busch Gardens wrong in my last post.  I know that blog etiquette says I shouldn't go back and fix my error, but ha ha, I did anyway.  Good GOSH, how did I miss that for so many years? I guess you can believe me when I say I don't like amusement parks, I can't even SPELL amusement park.

My friend Suzanne is on the stairway with the accordion.  She truly is an amazing woman.  She plays so many instruments that I've lost count.

She's the Queen of Frequent Flyer miles.  Suzanne is the only person I know who actually likes to fly these days.  Earlier this year, she flew to Hong Kong.  Now if memory serves me correctly, she wasn't there even 24 hours.  She never stayed in a hotel.  Instead, Suzanne took in the sights, rode the famous cable car, had a great Chinese dinner and flew home.  You know what she does with the miles she accumulates?  Well, she sent her parents to Hawaii and she will donate frequent flyer miles to "starving artist" musicians who don't have enough money to fly to a promising audition.

Playing at Busch Gardens is something she does once a week just for fun.  She is also a gifted church organist and choir mistress.  She plays as a piano accompanist at a local university.  Suzanne composes music. She also plays the flute and the bassoon on a professional level.  Suzanne also sings beautifully. But Busch Gardens is just for fun, where she blesses friends with comped or discounted tickets.

Something in my DNA really resonates when I watch Irish step dancing and hear Irish music.  I'm 100% Irish and proud of my heritage.

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog this morning. (Was doing a search for Anne Ortlund, and one of your posts came up, and ... here I ended up, like Alice down the rabbit hole.)

I put my faith and trust in Jesus many years ago, and so we are family. Thank you for sharing your blog postings. I will be perusing your archives when time permits!