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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Red Barns

I was wondering about my obsession with red barns this morning when the Rolodex in my brain flipped the cards back to my Grandfather Dunn reading a pop-up book to me about a farm. I recall being amused that the book was a "pop up" book and I called this grandfather "Pop."

Each page had a tabs on the side that you pulled, causing the chickens to lay eggs or the horse's tail to move.  The center pages popped up a red barn in the middle.  That was back when I was learning to read and the letter "J" looked like a soup ladle to me.

My mother and my Pop, her father, were teachers.    They both read to all of us often; wonderful books like Hide N Seek Fog and the Lonely Doll series.  Christmas and birthdays always involved stacks of books like Little Women, Island of the Blue Dolphins, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and other edifying books.

I would sit in a blue patterned wing chair in the living room for hours transported to New York City at the turn of the century or Massachusetts during the Civil War.  I am so glad that my niece, Piper, carries on this tradition...despite Facebook and other electronic enticements.

So Saturday was a red barn kind of day. I find that weathered silo very beautiful.
If I could have staged this pic below, I would have added a pair of worn cowboy boots.

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