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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thanks, Gale!

My friend, Gale is the best person in the whole, wide world.  Seriously, she is. No, really.   My grandmother would have called her a "peach."  In Yiddish, she is a mensch.  As the Golden Girls (and Carly Simon) used to say, "Her heart is true, she's a pal, and a confidante."

I hadn't seen her in quite some time so I was thrilled when she called to get together for lunch. I was on the way there when I realized that my wallet was in my personal vehicle not my state car.  And let me say right here that the state police really frown on employees driving without their licenses.  Just sayin'.

So Gale had to pay for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays because I am so absent-minded.  On the way out, she gave me a little gift which has been in her car for about a year.  Knowing my love for ceramic birds, she gifted me with this one.

Wow, I love the texture on it.
That medallion reminds me of the lace on the antique table cloth.

I was supposed to work on something right after I came home, editing for someone else's agenda.  I decided that was, uh, for the birds tonight! I postponed that task just for a little while to take pleasure in this small gift and eat some strawberries.  I think it was the best choice.  Life is short.  Say thanks first.

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