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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My New Rock Band -Lulu and the Goat Boys

Let me introduce you to Gizmo, one of the pygmy goats in the backyard. He's devilish in a cute sort of way with his little horns and markings over his eyes.  I luvs me some Gizzie goat.

This is Blanco.  He is much bigger, but I love him, too.
Blanco sort of looks like a lamb in this shot because someone at some point removed his horns  I don't get that, just like I don't get cropping dog's ears.  I think it is baaa aaaa aaaaad, to quote a goat.

So why are they there?  Just my little protest on government tyranny.

My neighbors, John and Aimee, across the street, belong to Gizzie and Blanco.  Both goats are neutered males and the size of dogs.  However, some zealous city employees judged them as "livestock" and cited their owners.  Actually, they are beloved pets.

Goats are great lawn mowers.   So they are on the uhhhh lam, so to speak, in my back yard with the six foot high privacy fence until the heat is off their owners. My dog, Lulu, has totally taken it in her stride.

Really, we have murderers and folks selling drugs to high school kids, I think we have more important things to spend time on than hassling miniature goats.

We're going to the next City Council meeting...repeat with me, "Save the Pygmy Goats, Save the Pygmy Goats!"


S. said...

That was a lot of baaaaaad puns!

Debra said...

Good for you! I totally agree and hope they'll be allowed to keep the goats. Maybe bring along some photos of the goats standing beside dogs who are bigger than they are? :) Blessings, Debra