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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Little Sweetheart is Gone

My sweet little kindergartner next door has been evicted, along with her family. To say that my heart feels like it has been ripped out of my chest is putting it mildly.  Somehow I feel the need to say that I did everything I knew how to do to prevent this without enabling harmful behavior.  Not only did I do everything I could, but an entire neighborhood tried to help, including the landlord.

What could I do when she knocked on the door with 45 minutes available, but take her for cake pops at a favorite place, watch her wiggle her loose front tooth, and listen to what Miss Kinchlow told them all at school today?

I hope that during the year we had this sweet little girl with us, along with her three other siblings, we were able to pour in all the love we possibly could.  I cannot explain the desolation which swept through me to hear her say matter-of-factly, "I guess we are going to a shelter tonight."  No child should ever have to say that, never mind experience it.  What do you do but hold her close and remind her that you will pray for her every day?  You remind her how amazing she is and that God has a special plan for her.

How do I walk in the love that Christ wants us to having for a hurting world when I want to strangle the adults in her life for putting her in this position? What would Jesus do?  The shortest verse in the Bible says, "Jesus wept" when he learned that his friend Lazarus had died.  So I guess Jesus will understand that I sit here crying and second-guessing myself, but most of all praying that He will suffer these little children to come unto Him and find a place for them and healing for their mother.

When I came inside just now they were running barefoot in the grass between our two houses,catching lightning bugs, and waiting for a ride to God-knows-where. I pray that they will stay carefree and untouched by this adult chaos. My heart is broken.


Mom said...

I am sure your heart aches for these little ones. It brought tears to my eyes just trying to imagine what lays ahead of them. God send angels to protect them.

Alex M said...

Oh how sad! But children are resilient and it helps that they shared time with you. I will send out positive thoughts for them as well.

Judy said...

This is just sooo veeery sad.
You know that she will NEVER forget you. No one forgets the people who give encouragement and hope.
And God knows exactly where she is.