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Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Early Summer's Night Dinner

Looking at this idyllic shot, you might think that we were in some National Park or out in the western part of Virginia where people, cars, and buildings are more scarce than my Tidewater region.

Instead, we were at one of our very favorite spots, Kelly's at Great Bridge.  I should tell you that I don't get any freebies or rewards from mentioning businesses like Kelly's or Fresh Market.  I love to record my days and the special things that make my life grand, not provide product or restaurant reviews.

We were really right here, in what has to be one of the most beautifully-located restaurants in my area.  Something about it reminds me of the Podunk Mill Club, a restaurant on the Connecticut River which no longer exists.  Once when I was perhaps 7, I asked for ketchup and the chef came out and had a cow.

I had a pasta dish with crab and shrimp.  Bruce had a burger piled high with roasted red peppers and an aioli sauce. Fab.
You can almost see how humid it was.  This is the view from the porch along the Intercoastal Waterway, the 3,000 mile waterway which flows down the Atlantic Coast to the Gulf of Mexico.  We chose an inside table along the Chesapeake and Albermarle Canal here below:
The Canal was completed just before the Civil War and linked VA waterways with North Carolina and the Currituck Sound.
A boat on the Canal...
Condos on the Intercoastal...

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Alex M said...

There is just something so peaceful about being on the water!