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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dairy Delivery

I am pleased by little things.  Whether it is the first time Pumpkin Lattes are available at Starbucks each year or looking Richmond's row houses while on a walk or the sound of the mourning dove, certain little things that others may disregard or not even notice, make me happy.

Anything that reminds me of growing up makes me happy.  Honeysuckle bushes at the beach that put me back at Black Point, maple sugar candy, red Keds...and home milk delivery.  We used to get home milk delivery on Knollwood Road in a box just like the one pictured above.

So imagine my total nostalgic happiness when I found that Oberweis Dairy now makes home delivery in my area.  And can I just say, that's some of the best yogurt and cottage cheese in the cooler EVER.
I do wish this wasn't a gray Coleman's cooler and a cool metal milk box, but I think I can fix this by visiting Ebay.

Mountain Dairy in Storrs, CT stopped delivering milk in 2012...they started in 1851.  According the milk industry analysts, as of 2005, less than half of one percent of all Americans purchased milk via home delivery.  When I was a kid it was about 30%.  

So while one can't get home milk delivery back where I started out, I can here. The milk box and the milk man (with the dread locks) don't look exactly the same, but I can revive an old tradition.  And that makes me really happy.  The glass milk bottles are amazingly nostalgic and I LOVE pouring the milk into my coffee.

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Alex M said...

Alas, no one gets it these days when you make a joke about the milkman being someone's father....

Anonymous said...

As a kid, we always had the milk delivered to us and we never bought it at the grocery store. I missed having that kind of milk. So, I decided to look into a dairy delivery service near Toronto. I still haven't found a place, so if you know of anyone, please let me know.