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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Have Come That You May Have Life in Abundance

So there are lots of mallard ducks here in my neighborhood.  This time of year, they are starting their little duck families, choosing their 'hood. This is where one mallard couple could live in high style.  Scotts Creek is a tidal estuary of the Elizabeth River.  The Elizabeth River ends up in the even more expansive Chesapeake Bay.  The possibilities for a beautiful life are limitless.

Is this where they live?  No, they live here right now, in a deep puddle near my front yard.

I shook my head when I saw this, but then they got me to thinking. What an amazing metaphor of the cautious, drab Christian life! "I'm afraid to to this, this makes me nervous.  I can't go there because it is too hard.  I don't feel comfortable talking about my faith.  I can't.  I won't.  I'm afraid.  I'm nervous.  Blah, blah, blah."

John 10:10 says that Jesus came to bring the abundant life.  God showers his unmerited favor, his grace upon our shoulders.  He has big plans for us.  Jabez prayed that God would enlarge his borders.  We should pray for the same thing.  Otherwise, we are like these ducks, sitting near a big puddle,

Which picture looks better?

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Debra said...

Silly ducks and silly us! You are so right.

Great to see you back here!! ... Debra