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Friday, June 6, 2014

Spring Garden

I've been working on my garden areas for over a month and not yet posted about it!  Every time I tweak or plant something, I take a picture. Then I think that I'll just do one more thing before I post.  I'm stopping today to show you what I've been working on

I love spray paint.  I should buy stock in Rustoleum.  All the red items were spray painted and were acquired for free.

The cabinet was a curbside find following a neighbor's kitchen remodeling.  The "herb box" was fashioned from another curbside find. The table came from an abandoned house which was torn down...left out for the trash trucks.  At the very top of the cabinet is a sign with our family name made from old license plates  The little watering cans that are hanging on the door came from the Dollar Store and the flowers seem to be doing just fine in them.  I punched some drainage holes in the bottom.
Here's another planting area closer to the house.  I found the box hanging on the fence down in the basement. The ladder back chair was a curbside find, the two little red chairs were from thrift shops.  At the top of the picture is a red-trimmed vintage bucket hanging on the storm door.  It has an orange lantana plant inside.

Here's the front door area.  I found these fun "planters" at Walgreen's.  They were intended for icing down beverages.

More soon, if I don't post now I never will.


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